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Transfer Calls

The transfer calls feature allows you to send a caller to a different telephone number or extension AFTER you have connected with the person calling.

Many virtual pbx systems allow you to transfer calls once you've connected to the calling party and I've listed those companies below. Typically, call transferring is initiated by pressing a series of buttons on your phone keypad.

For Example, to transfer a call with RingCentral:

  1. Put the caller on hold by pressing (##)
  2. Press (*) for more options
  3. Press 1 to "transfer this call"
  4. Enter the number you want to send the call to and pres (#).

With RingCentral, once you've completed those steps, you can decide to hang up the phone and the caller will be connected to the number you dialed. However, you can choose to stay on the line until the call is answered to make sure that the call goes through and then hang up. Once you hang up the caller wil be connected to the transferred number.

Not to be confused with...

Call transferring is often confused with forwarding calls (call forwarding). Call forwarding allows you to send calls to a different number BEFORE you connect with the calling party.

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