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Forward Calls

The Forward calls feature allows you to route (forward) calls to any number or extension that you choose without answering the call.

When you answer a call which has been routed to you through your virtual pbx system the auto attendant will give you the option to forward the call to a different number or phone extension. Choosing this option will allow the call to be seamlessly redirected without the callers knowledge. Once that call has been forwarded to the new number, the person receiving the call will also be given the same options by the auto attendant. This process will continue until the call is answered or sent to voicemail.

Not to be confused with...

Don't confuse forwarding calls (call forwarding) with transferring calls (call transferring). Transferring calls happens after the call has been answered and you have been conected, person-to-person, with the caller. The forwarding calls feature is more readily available than the call transfer feature.

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