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Call Queue

A Call Queue is better known as ACD Queuing in the "virtual pbx world" and is the feature that allows callers to remain on the line until an agent becomes available to answer the call.

Call queue is a great feature regardless of whether you're a large business or just one person and want to make sure that you don't miss any calls. For me the call queue makes sense because if I get and am already on the phone with someone I can route the new caller to voicemail OR place them in the queue.

For users of RingCentral, you have the added flexibility with your Call Controller software to determine where your call will be routed, even if you would like it to go to a queue.

Special Note about Call Queues!

Some companies say their plans include the call queue feature and label it ACD Queuing; however, there are only two companies I currently recommend for this feature and they are:

Both RingCentral and VirtualPBX offer what is called Intelligent ACD Queuing. Intelligent call queues are able to monitor operator status in real time. What this means is that the virtual pbx system can tell if an employee is actually talking with someone on the phone or is away from their desk and unable to take calls. So, you're probably thinking, "Yeah, big deal, I thought that was how a call queue worked!" In the truest sense it is how a call queue SHOULD work; however that is not usually the case. Most virtual pbx systems that claim to have ACD Queuing only have a glorified hunt system which will ring a sequential order of numbers until it finds someone to answer the call. Since an intelligent call queue monitors everything going on, it knows who is available to send a call to and directs the call immediately. Intelligent call queues will save the caller a lot of time and potentially keep them from hanging up the phone frustrated.

One last thing about call queues: Call queues should also allow you to setup rules for directing calls. These rules usually allow you to:

Not to be confused with...

Don't confuse intelligent call queues with regular call queues. Also, call queues are not the same as hunt groups.

Companies that offer Call Queues

While all the companies below claim to offer call queues, only RingCentral and VirtualPBX offer intelligent call queues.

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