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Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant is the initial process that answers incoming calls for your virtual pbx account. It is a recorded message that directs callers to the appropriate extension based on their needs and interaction with the attendant.

"Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for support...." We've all heard it and we've all been held "captive" by the Auto Attendant at one point or another. While this is a great tool to route your callers to the person that can help them quickly, make sure that you don't make your automated attendant system too complex.

When selecting a company, I recommend those that will allow you to provide your own recorded message. It is also helpful to be able to manage your attendant settings online and over the phone.

Not to be confused with...

The auto attendant should not be confused with all of the features that come into place after the caller has been routed to the appropriate location. Features like hunt groups, acd queuing, find-me follow-me, etc. all are part of the pbx system but are initiated by the auto attendant.

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