The Best Live Receptionist Hosted Virtual PBX Plans

the best hosted virtual pbx livereceptionist plans

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The best hosted virtual pbx live receptionist plans are...

I'm guessing that we are going to see more virtual pbx plans offering a live receptionist package. It only makes sense. Right now I know of only 2 companies that provide this service, but I wanted to provide this page for visitors because I think it's going to be increasingly popular.

The great thing about virtual pbx is that it makes it very affordable to have a professional answering system, but for many small businesses, there is that desire for a live person to answer the phone. Let's face it, just about everyone prefers having the phone answered by a real person.

It's perfect! You get the value of a virtual pbx plan AND a receptionist too.

onebox is my #1 pick for the best live receptionist plan

Onebox offers great features for a reasonable price. They also have the experience and staff to fully support the live receptionist program!

Davinci Virtual is my #2 pick for the best live receptionist plan

Davinci Virtual excells at the virtual office theme; however, given their price they can't edge out onebox. However, if you're looking for other virtual features like office space, a mailing address and conference rooms you will need to look seriously at Davinci Virtual


onebox onebox is a great plan. They have all the features of a great virtual pbx system with a good price and they've even thrown in a little twist - they only bill for your actual talk-time!

Onebox now provides a Live Receptionist plan so you definitely want to consider them for your small business/home office operation.

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onebox Plan Pricing
Level Included Minutes


Add'l Min

Executive 100 $16.95 10¢ 1
Executive 400 $19.95 10¢ 1
Executive 2000 $29.95 10¢ 1
Receptionist 2000 $49.95 4.9¢ 4
Receptionist 3000 $79.95 3.9¢ 10
Receptionist 4000 $99.95 3.9¢ 15
Receptionist 12000 $199.95 2.9¢ 30
Live Receptionist 100 + 2000 $169.95 3.9¢  
Live Receptionist 250 + 2000 $399.95 3.9¢  

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Davinci Virtual

Davinci VirtualDavinci Virtual is not just your typical virtual pbx system, it's much, much more. Yes, they do have a great auto attendant service, but when it comes to Virtual, they've got you covered!

Davinci Vitural Provides:

  • Live Receptionists
  • Virtual Office Space

If you're considering a virtual pbx system for your small or home business, you definitely need to check out Davinci Virtual. They take your virtual system to the next level!

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Davinci Virtual Live & Auto Receptionist Pricing


Cost/ Minute

Add'l Minute
Small Biz 50 minutes $129 $1.49 90¢
Executive 100 minutes $179 $0.99 90¢
Auto Receptionist $59 $0.83 90¢

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